Il faut copier le fichier eP-Core. Server fails to start when installed into a directory with a path containing white space. Clicking on the scroll bar of an info box starts an inescapable drag. Actuellement nous utilisons un repository interne pour ivy. Add plan and other types to artifacts View. Dependency on Spring DM. Rework architecture diagram in section 2.

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Provide a p2 repository for VTS extension bundles. Web site refers to Spring Tools Suite. Unavailable port on startup causes hang on shutdown [was: Decide what to do with performance test and kernel SVTs. Virgo issues a warning on startup:

Bugzilla — Bug List. Home New Browse Search [? Mon Jan 21 Support Conditional Permission Admin. Manifest generation seems to be inactive. Virgo Tools do not work on Photon. Upgrade Equinox to tools-3.20.ga.zip. Virgo Tooling not deploying changes in JS files into Virgo work folder. All projects do always get redeployed when changing anything. Virgo fails to load resources from ext repository if installed under a directory containing spaces.

Virgo kernel services timeout intermittently. A WAB is redployed also by just changing a file that should not trigger redeployment.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Provide a choice of both Spring 3 and Spring 4 to applications running inside Virgo. MF of hjbernate based WAB not copied to stage directory. Undeploy via JMX fails.

Failed to instantiate [ch. LoggerContext] with a security manager. Virgo User Guide references Tomcat 7. Exponentially growing number of files in workspace metadata. Several kernel tests failing on Windows. Server management UI bug train. As a developer I’d like to have PMD checks available at build time. Remove self-consuming virgo dependencies. Update Jetty version to 9. Per-application log doesn’t include web-bundle startup messages.

REST sample deploys successfully but gives when driven. Management fragment breaks backward compatibility. Missing the maven dependencies for org. Header value is too long exception. Server fails to start when installed into a directory with a path containing white space. Quick fix tooks-3.2.0.ga.zip missing Bundle-Version produces 1.


MF while server is up. Add pdf gen to docs build. Release management and packaging bug train. Consolidate Virgo distribution products. The information in the Wirings tab should be clear that it is based only on actual wires.

Virgo tooling – Virgo Jetty Server 3. M03 not starting with « clean » option. Update Spring Framework to 4. Issue with Virgo Admin page running in Internet Explorer 8. Update recipes to test 3. Add postfix ‘hprof’ to Virgo heap dumps. Not all Loggers get listed under « Logging ». Snaps for submenu with Snap-ContextPath. Session failover does not work with Virgo-Tomcat. The properties from a configuration artifact properties file are being added to the artifact’s metadata. ServletInitializer providers must be in the classpath of the catalina bundle.

Update Gemini Management to 2. Plugin packaging issues bug train. Provide bundles status view plus CNF content status in server and outline views. Update Apache Tomcat to version 8.

Too low performance of legacy WAR-application. Support DnD for resources into Server View. Not enough packages in the profile org. Incorrect « replacing weaver » INFO message. Non-reflexive « StateImpl » serialization leads to loss of platform property configuration. Resolution of uses-conflicts takes long. Investigate integrating the Virgo console into the Eclipse consolve view. Server runtime support bug train.

NPE tools-3.2.0.ga.zkp looking up a path from the servlet in Snaps. Update Gemini Web to 3. Migrate Virgo shell commands bundle to DS.

Deploy releases to Maven Central. An inappropriate application hibrenate the assert: Update Felix gogo shell. MF rather than template. Removing plan from pickup no longer « uninstalls » the plan. Virgo Tooling does not recognize packages that are exported from the kernel region. Add context menu actions to open to server editor pages. Support generic container based Equinox implementation.


UI components are broken after restart.

Introduction à Java EE

Context configuration stops working when webapp is updated. Remove temporary conversion utility for old par files. Virgo Tools-3.2.0g.a.zip cannot launch a Virgo installation with a space in the path.

Virgo will not start if installed in a path containing a space. Removing more than 1 bundle at same time. Support viewing all wirings for a specified package. Add vsh deploy subcommand to Virgo Kernel. Add logout functionality to web-admin. Migrate blueprint beans to OSGi tools-3.2.0ga.zip services in org. Tooling support for plans in PARs. Support more than one pickup folder. A better way to get the User Region Name. Avoid kernel and user region configuration appearing in user hubernate Configuration Admin.

Support Server Editor functionality as actions for views. Allow PLAN-artifact-property to append manifest headers instead of replacing them. Could not find backup for factory javax. Bundlor should support distributing attributes over packages in templates.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Allow more and easily parameterizable parameters. Modify deployer to never fault in an optional dependency. Continuous Integration on Windows.

Index of /nexus/content/groups/PUBLIC-GROUP/org/hibernate/hibernate-tools/ga/

Use HTML entity for infinity instead of oo. List panels which are not displayed. Remote repository does not attach source. Enable hosted repository application to run on the kernel. Clean up the feature projects. Remove use of the StateHelper from the Standard Quasi impl classes.

Tooling should include Bundle-ClassPath during new project setup. Describe rationale for ext and usr repositories in the User Guide.